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Marotti Book Restoration Services in South Burlington, Vt

Over the past 30 years, I've restored thousands of books and manuscripts. It's my continued passion to bring back life to a collection or a treasured family memory. Through the years I've restored bibles, private collections, diaries, cherished children's books, and even grandma's treasured cookbook. These are all priceless in their own way. If you have an item that is special to you, I'd be happy to discuss my book restoration service in South Burlington, VT and how I can help you maintain your treasure for generations to come.


So Burlington, VT  


Preservation Services in South Burlington, VT

Carole Marotti Owner/Conservator

Mission Statement:

To preserve and maintain the irreplaceable memories that are important in our lives, whether it be historical or sentimental.

I was born and raised in the beautiful State of Vermont, and it's where I continue to call home. I enjoy the ease, peacefulness and the natural beauty this state has to offer. I enjoy many outdoor activities from hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, cycling, and golfing. It's all about appreciating the uniqueness and diversity of the state in which you live.

In the early 70's my father ventured into the field of preservation on the municipal level, and in the 80's it was my blessing to join his vision with the importance of maintaining the history of public documents. Today I take that knowledge and expertise to the private sector to provide restoration and preservation services in South Burlington, VT, depending on the need and desire of my clients.

I was fortunate to apprentice under the watchful eye of the former Chief Conservator of the Universite' of Liege in Belgium. Through my years of tutelage under Mr. Saint-Paul, I mastered all aspects of book preservation and restoration. From basic book repair and stabilization; to more extensive restoration of paper, leather repair, and rebinding.

I know firsthand the importance of that special book, a valued collection, birth, marriage, or citizenship document.

Whether you are a dealer keeping the originality and integrity of a collection to maintain its value or someone that has that special book or document that keeps a memory close to one's heart, I understand the importance and value of each.

A treasure is in the eye of the beholder!  

Bookbinding Repair Service in South Burlington, VT

 ~Before and Afters of Recent Work ~

  • This volume's binding and text block were broken and deteriorated. Extensive mending to the text block was necessary to stabilize before resewing and rebinding.  
  • This historical piece with its brass plate set into the cover is what made this such a uniques piece. Maintaining that within its new components was key to its beauty.
  • There are times that I look at a book and recognize the challenge that it holds, and this was one of those times!  What the end result exemplifies makes it worth every effort.   Bringing life back to someone's treasure makes it all worthwhile!
  • Many volumes with a broken binding and text block can be stabilized easier than you think by using a proper bookbinding repair service in South Burlington, VT. Reusing original cover materials and incorporating them into the new binding makes for a structurally strong volume while maintaining some of the original quality.
  • This volume had many forms of tape adhered to the cover to keep it attached. It took removing all adhesives, mending the fragmented pages, resewing and rebinding for it to be in a stable and usable condition.
  • This bible has been a favorite of mine to work on. The older bibles are a piece of art, and this was no exception. Stabilizing the text block and rebuilding the cover was intricate work.  Re-dying brought out the guilding to its original grandeur, and allowing it to be enjoyed for years to come.
  • Traditional rebinding’s using components of the original covers.
  • A Baptism certificate was a piece of art back in its day. With the proper restoration services, they can be brought back to their original beauty.


All pricing is based on a per job rate, not on an hourly rate

~  Generally a price can be given with a detailed description, and a few photos.

~ A phone call may be needed for a further consultation of treatment.

~ Pricing may vary depending on the extent of treatment. 

    (Restoration vs Preservation page) 

~ Pictures may be requested for a better evaluation.
~ Pricing is not final until the item is received and evaluated.

~ All Pricing includes returned shipping charges once work is completed.


Studio Hours

M-F Evenings 

Sat - Sun 9am- 5pm

I will return emails, messages, or phone calls within 24 hours.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Maintain Your Books in South Burlington, VT

Marotti Book Restoration is here to help you maintain your books in South Burlington, VT. Outlined in detail below are the services we offer to help bring your books back to life and restore treasured family memories.

Custom Bookbinding Options

  • Reattaching the original cover if possible
  • Recover with new materials and incorporate the original components into the new cover material
  • Recover with all new materials

These options above depend on the condition of the original cover, as well as the stability of the text block. Keep in mind, to have the longevity of a lasting piece and the stability for continued use is not something that you want to cut corners.

A quick fix will result in a quick disappointment.

Re-Sewing or Maintaining the Original Text Block

Depending on the condition of the text block this will determine whether it will need to be disbound and re-sewn as original, or if it can be consolidated and the original sewing can be maintained. This is dependent on the strength and stability of three things:

  • Paper
  • Existing sewing threads
  • Chords or tapes used in binding

One or all of these can determine if a sewing block will need to be disassembled page by page, and re-sewn. This varies on a case by case basis.

Document Restoration and Preservation Services

Various documents that we perform services on include baptismal, marriage, birth or death certificates, and citizenship papers and letters.

All of these have factors that are evaluated before the course of treatment can be determined. The following are some of the characteristics that are taken into consideration when determining the direction of treatment:

  • Types of inks that may move in treatment (testing is always done to minimize the risk of movement)
  • Presence of scotch tape or other adhesives
  • Previously backed or mounted
  • The fragility of paper due to fire damage, climate, or improper storage
  • Cockling due to water damage or humidity

  • Archival framing is available
  • Custom storage boxes
  • Mylar encapsulation
  • A custom document portfolio folder can be fabricated for display or storage