Restoration and Preservation Services in South Burlington, VT

Maintain the value and beauty of your books and printed materials with Marotti Book Restoration. Our studio in South Burlington, VT, specializes in restoring and preserving old books and documents. Whether you have a collection of historically significant items or want to bring back the splendor of a family heirloom, we are here for you. With our experience, expertise, and use of high-quality materials, your books and documents are in good hands.


As we always say, “A treasure is in the eye of the beholder.” Your belongings have value to you, and we respect your valuables. To that end, we facilitate a variety of document preservation and restoration solutions that are specially tailored to your needs. We take care of your books and papers as if they were our own. Along with our use of the latest methods in preservation and restoration, we bring back the visual appeal and functionality of your documents. Whether your goals involve preserving the market value of an item or its usability, we will accommodate your preferences. 

About Our Services

Not two items are ever quite identical. Some books and papers, for instance, may hold economic value if your plans involve selling them to a collection. Meanwhile, a vintage birth certificate or family Bible may have more sentimental value to the family members who have been entrusted with it. At our book and document studio, we pay attention to the needs of our clients to provide accurate, timely, and thorough service.

Here is a brief overview of the core services we offer. If you are unsure about the specific solutions your books or documents require, we encourage you to arrange a consultation. Maintaining books and documents is our specialty. We will work with you to arrange the proper services for your items.

Restoration Services: Extensive Treatment for Memories that Cannot Be Replaced

Document and book restoration services are recommended for personal items or family heirlooms that carry sentimental value. When you want to pass an item down through generations, this service ensures your keepsakes will endure the test of time.

The book and document restoration service utilizes new components, such as binding and covers, to improve the condition of a worn item. We work hard to bring back the original color, form, binding, and finish of items. With high attention to detail, we can restore an item’s condition, ready to be enjoyed by you and your family once again.

Preservation Services: Limited Treatment that Protects Market Value

Collectors have high standards for authenticity--especially when it comes to artifacts with historical significance. Our book and document preservation services protect the market value of items.

This service does not add new components to the book or document. Rather, the goal is to stabilize the condition of the item. We enact careful measures to stop the degradation of the item. As a result, the preserved item may enter a collection and maintain its market value.

How to Protect the Past: Restoring and Preserving Old Books and Documents, South Burlington, VT

At Marotti Book Restoration, we know that items from the past are treasures. Protect your precious belongings for future generations with our experienced team. We are committed to restoring and preserving old books or documents in South Burlington, VT. With our care, attention to detail, and emphasis on customer service, you will protect your historical items so that future generations may enjoy them.


The documents and books of yesteryear are more than pieces of paper and bindings. They are pieces of history, having been crafted from a specific moment in time. The times they hail from are sources of inspiration and stories--of hardship and triumph. As brilliant reminders of the past, it is important to preserve and restore historical items.


At our document preservation and restoration company, we understand the care and investment you have put into your treasured belongings. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing accurate and thorough service that ensures you may enjoy these items for years to come--and beyond.


A Complete, Personal Approach to Restoration and Preservation

Whether you wish to re-bind a worn out book or want to restore the visual fidelity of a birth certificate or important document, our company is here for you. We offer our preservation and restoration services on a per-project basis. Pricing is determined according to the size, scope, and complexity of the project. We take the time to learn about the item and your goals related to it. By paying attention to the details, we deliver the right service while generating lasting results.

Contact us to learn more about our preservation and restoration services. We are based in South Burlington, VT.